Singapore Q1FY21 GDP Growth- Some Green Shoots are visible now

Singapore has begun the FY21 on a great note. Its economy has registered a better-than-expected GDP growth of 0.2% in Q1FY21 Vs Q1FY20 (same quarter last year). Though, the consensus estimates for this quarter was a contraction of 0.2%. This was a great performance by all measures, as till Q1FY20, the economy was operating withContinue reading “Singapore Q1FY21 GDP Growth- Some Green Shoots are visible now”

Sectors which can Defy the High Interest Rate Environment

We recently witnessed a huge meltdown in the stock markets because of sudden spike in benchmark 10Y US Govt bond yield.  Whether this higher Bond yield will sustain for longer term, it is of anybody’s guess. In the rising interest rates environment, both businesses and consumers suffer and both will be forced to cut backContinue reading “Sectors which can Defy the High Interest Rate Environment”

Is Singapore Economy out of the woods Yet?

The economy of each country is quite unique, as the driving forces of the economy may differ country-to-country. So, it is quite significant to understand the inherent driving forces of the Singapore economy. Since last one decade, services industry has been the backbone of the economic growth for the Singapore economy. The Growth of servicesContinue reading “Is Singapore Economy out of the woods Yet?”

Carbon Tax and Impact on SGX listed Companies

It is quite evident that the climate change is impacting us all. But we can see that corporate world are not sitting idle. The entire industry is undergoing with a painful transition. Industries across various sectors are phasing out old machines & technologies and adopting clean technology in order stay competitive and compliant with theContinue reading “Carbon Tax and Impact on SGX listed Companies”

Singapore Budget 2021 : A Bird’s-eye view

Singapore 2021 Budget at a glance – Revenue: Revenue collection is projected to be $76.6 Billion, 18.6% higher than the previous year’s revised revenue estimates. Below are the recent 5-year revenue collection data – Year $S M 2021 76,640 Projected 2020 64,610 Actual 2019 74,730 Actual 2018 73,738.3 Actual 2017 75,815.7 Actual There is aContinue reading “Singapore Budget 2021 : A Bird’s-eye view”