Archegos Capital’s Asia Connection & Potential Impact on SFOs

Early this week, a lesser known Company, Archegos Capital (setup as “Single Family Office” or SFO) was forced to liquidate its $30B position by Goldman Sachs , Morgan Stanley and Deutsche Bank to meet the margin call. Credit Suisse and Nomura were its other creditors , who were caught completely off-guard (both together may takeContinue reading “Archegos Capital’s Asia Connection & Potential Impact on SFOs”

Economic Impact of Spanish Flu on Global Economy

It is almost a year since COVID19 was declared as a Pandemic by WHO. We now have managed to prepare its vaccine, but there seems to be no end in sight yet. This pandemic is still wreaking havoc across the world. We are now witnessing the “third wave” of infection across many major countries. OneContinue reading “Economic Impact of Spanish Flu on Global Economy”

Sectors which can Defy the High Interest Rate Environment

We recently witnessed a huge meltdown in the stock markets because of sudden spike in benchmark 10Y US Govt bond yield.  Whether this higher Bond yield will sustain for longer term, it is of anybody’s guess. In the rising interest rates environment, both businesses and consumers suffer and both will be forced to cut backContinue reading “Sectors which can Defy the High Interest Rate Environment”

Is Commodity Super-Cycle Already here?

Needless to say, that COVID19 pandemic has changed the entire world. During the nascent stage of the pandemic, there was an excessive fear about the adverse impact of this pandemic on stocks and commodity. We witnessed the panic selling. Both Stocks and Commodity markets touched its multi-year low price level in Late-March 2020. There wereContinue reading “Is Commodity Super-Cycle Already here?”